• Wednesday , 24 January 2018


EDI works to educate the public in the United States about the post-Communist world from the Balkans to Central Asia. 

Post-Communist countries have made an uneven progress in their ongoing transition from the system of one-party rule and a centrally planned economy to independent democratic states with a market economy and a vibrant civil society. Deep economic and political reforms are needed to make the region economically competitive and achieve genuine and lasting stability for its people.

EDI advocates the strengthening of democratic institutions, free press and the rule of law in the region, with an emphasis on developing an independent judiciary to safeguard the rights of the individual and uphold the international principle of due process. EDI is particularly concerned that the fair-trial standards of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) are fully and fairly implemented. EDI works to combat torture, unlawful detention and other violations of domestic and international law that stand in the way of the region’s progress toward a prosperous future founded on the rule of law.

EDI is a dynamic force for democratic reform, respect for human rights and free societies in this strategically important region.

The work of the EDI is supported by contributions from grant-making foundations and donations from private individuals.

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